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The Regattas

How the Races Work

Racing in both the Unicredit Youth and Puig Women’s America’s Cup will take place on the world’s most exciting new foiling class – the America’s Cup 40 (AC40). This high-tech vessel is a scaled-down version of the impressive AC75 foiling monohull design used in the America’s Cup. These sleek boats measure 40 feet in length and can foil at over 80 km/h! With a crew of four fixed positions in pod-seats on each side of the hull, each boat is built for speed and agility. Steering is handled by alternating wheels on each side, while control buttons manage the sails and foils for maximum performance.

Both the Unicredit Youth and Puig Women’s America’s Cup will feature fleet and match racing spanning several thrilling days. The Youth event will kick off alongside the Challenger Selection Series of the 37th America’s Cup, between September 17-26. For the Women’s America’s Cup, the fleet racing begins October 5th, with the exciting Women’s Final happening alongside the America’s Cup racing later that week. Get ready to witness the exceptional skills of the world’s top female sailors and the rising stars of foiling sailing. It’s going to be an unforgettable spectacle!

Youth and Puig Women's America's Cup Format

Qualification Series

The Youth and Women’s Regattas will follow the same format. The twelve teams competing are split into two fleets of six: the America’s Cup Teams and the Invited Teams. The competition begins with fleet racing in the Qualification Series. The opening rounds will see a total of nine races for both groups.

Final Series

The top two teams from each group progress into the Final Series of four races to determine the top two boats.

Final Race

The Final Race will see the top two boats in the Final Series face each other head-to-head in a match race for the title and trophy!